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                  Anniversay: "40 Years of A·M·A!"

                      Greetings from the Governor



A·M·A shows importance of supporting young artists

As governor of Lower Austria, I am very proud that our state is a land of music that not only attracts attention year after year with outstanding concerts, festivals and music theater productions, but is also home to a number of music academies.

This not only shows the importance of supporting young artists, but also symbolizes the path to a successful future, for which - based on our rich musical heritage - we need the energy, the competence and the visions of young, creative people. The Stift Altenburger Music Academy, which enjoys an excellent reputation not only in Lower Austria, but also in America, Africa and the Far East, is of particular importance in this respect.

Accordingly, the list of lecturers and concert performers who have followed the call of the pianist, organist and conductor Robert Lehrbaumer in the 40 years of the master classes, which were founded at that time as the Aschbach Music Academy, reads like a "Who Is Who" of the music world: from Walter Berry, Christa Ludwig and Renate Holm to Angelika Kirchschlager, Adrian Eröd and Ildikó Raimondi to Robert Holl, Gottfried von Einem, HK Gruber and many others.

So I wish Robert Lehrbaumer, his team and all the artists for the anniversary gala much success and good luck. I wish the audience of the festive concert beautiful and unforgettable hours of musical enjoyment here at Altenburg Abbey.

Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner


                         Greetings from the Abbot



The teacher of the law said: You shall love the Lord your God [...] and your neighbor as yourself. Jesus said to him: [...] Act accordingly and you will live!" 

Through the words of the evangelists, Jesus also let us know today: Love of God does not go without love of man.

The merciful man from Samaria, whom Jesus told about in the famous parable and whom Paul Troger painted in his artistic genius on one of the domes of our Abbey Library, gives a face to this very clear statement for all of us today.

It is not only about the goodness of man - it is about the good man as he lives before the face of God. The goodness and love of God, which is shown to us human beings, should be reflected in our behavior towards our neighbor. Without love of man there is no love of God.

For us Benedictine monasteries, one expression of this love of humanity has always been hospitality and the willingness to welcome strangers.

Especially in view of the last few years, the many associated prohibitions and restrictions on the entire cultural life in times of Corona - we all know the value of encounters and hospitality - as a sign of human closeness and solidarity.

It is therefore a great joy for us to be able to host the Altenburg Music Academy again this year - for the many teachers and students from all over the world - and to be able to celebrate together, with great gratitude, the 40th anniversary of the existence of this cultural institution. 

On behalf of the entire convent, I would like to congratulate with all my heart on this anniversary and thank everyone - starting with the artistic director Prof. Robert Lehrbaumer - who has rendered outstanding services to the Altenburg Music Academy over these many years.

I wish everyone a successful AMA 2023 full of encounters.

Abbot Thomas Renner OSB


                Greetings from the Artistic Director



40 years of A-M-A - incredible!

The fact that this event, launched in youthful, carefree enthusiasm, still exists 40 years later and that it has developed in such a gratifying way makes me enormously grateful: Grateful for the participation of so many important artist colleagues, who have given the Academy a top artistic level from the very beginning, for the interest of an almost incalculable number of participants. Grateful for the motivated co-founders of the Academy in Aschbach in Mostviertel, for those AMA enthusiasts who initiated the "move" to the Waldviertel, above all and in the first place for the valuable, gracious and accommodating hospitality of the monks in the magnificent Altenburg Abbey, and finally for all the people, companies and institutions, led by "Kultur Niederösterreich", who support this event in various ways and thus make it possible. - Thank you!