Vienna International Orchestra

On occasion of the 90th birthday of the noteable violinist Wolfgang Schneiderhan, a commemorational concert with contributions of an orchestra was given by his students within the framework of the Viennese concert series "new classix".

The enthusiastic reation of the audience after the concert and the joy of making music of the performers led to the formation of a new orchestra bringing together soloists and chamber musicians with expierienced orchestra musicians. Their interpretations are characterized as lively and fresh.

The success of the debut concerts and performed pieces made the orchestra organically connect old and new: besides Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Haydn, Chr. W. Gluck and Franz Schubert also contemporary pieces of Roberto Pintos (Argentina) and Robert L. Trebór (Austria) were presented in first performances. Since then, the orchestra maintains a broad repertoire in the same kind of spirit.

After the founding concert was given on March 19th, 2006 in Palais Auersperg Vienna in the course of the "new classix" Sunday matinées, the orchestra performed several concerts outside of Vienna.

The connection of tradition and openness towards new styles can be reflected in getting the audience in contact with less familiar music through moderations, sound examples or discussions.

According to thier name, the musicians of the VIO (Vienna International Orchestra) are strongly related to Vienna and its tradition of making music, whereas Vienna, the city of music, is nowadays becoming more and more internationalized. This is the reason why the orchestra, if it wishes to gather only the best, automatically admits their international imprint. As a consequence, old values are maintained and are connected with the openness towards musical development and cosmopolitan bonds.

Together with the members of the well-known Minetti-Quartett, which also has performed at Schneiderhan's commemorational concert and VIO's founding concert, the idea of arranging an orchestra developed. Several excellent artists were contributing to the orchestra.

Besides individual projects, the orchestra has been cooperationg with conductors like Robert Lehrbaumer, Robert Ward (USA), Felix Carrasco (Mexico), Claude Villaret (Switzerland), Michele Santorsola (Italy) and others for years, within the framework of summer academies such as The Piano Fest Austria and the Altenburger Musik Akademie.