Tuition Fees

Participation is possible after an audition or a positive evaluation of a video.

The course fee is determined by

1. the length of the composition
2. the orchestra size

It is calculated for a middle-sized Mozart-concerto. In relation to longer durations of concertos resp. movements as well as to bigger orchestration the fee will be adjusted. 

The fee for one movement or aria(s) or duet(s) up to about 12 minutes in small or middle orchestra size of e.g. a Mozart-concerto is € 2.200.

If the movement is significantly longer or needs a bigger sized orchestra, there will be charged more:
Please, contact us in order to find out the exact course fee concerning your desired movement resp. a full concerto: ama(at)

The course fee includes: 

individual lessons,
open masterclasses,
orchestra rehearsals and a performance with the Vienna International Orchestra in an ordinary public concert in a historic place like Palais Auersperg/Vienna (only compositions by Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven) or in venues like the baroque castle of Halbturn, the baroque Abbeys of Stift Altenburg and Stift Geras.

Prices do not include lodging, transport and meals (which are very much affordable in Altenburg.)

Send a Youtube-Video or contact us for an individual audition in Vienna.
Early registration increases your chances.
Discount for early registration.