Privacy Statement

1. Personal data 

The society of the "Freunde der Claviermusik" limit the collection, processing and use of your personal data to the context of our events or appointment and/or in accordance with your consent to the purposes agreed upon with you or to the extent that there is another legal basis in line with the GDPR.

We only collect such personal data that you have deliberately placed at our disposal or which is required for the completion and carrying out of our courses and concerts.

All data which includes specifications about personal matters, e.g. name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, age, video recordings, photos. Please let us know if and to what extent your personal data has changed.

2. Access and erasure

As a natural person whose personal data we process, you have at all times the right to access your (own) personal data as stored, its source and addressee and the purpose of the data processing as well as the right to request rectification, data portability, restriction of processing, erasure, that the data be made unavailable to users and the right to object to the processing of incorrect and unlawfully processed data respectively.

You have at all times the right to withdraw the consent given with regard to the use of your personal data. Your request for access, erasure, rectification, data portability and/or your objection can be directed to the address of the law firm mentioned in section 7 of this statement.

If you are of the opinion that our processing of your personal data infringes the data protection law in force or if your rights under such law have been otherwise infringed, you may file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. In Austria, the "Datenschutzbehörde" (data protection authority) is competent in this respect (

3. Data security

The security of your personal data is provided through appropriate organisational and technical measures. In particular, these measures concern protection from unpermitted, unlawful or even accidental access, processing, loss, use and manipulation. Irrespective of maintaining a high standard of care, it cannot be excluded that information that you are making available to us by using the internet may be seen and used by other persons. Please note that we do not assume any liability whatsoever for the disclosure of information due to errors in data transfer and/or unauthorized access by third parties (e.g. hacker attack to email- account and telephone respectively, interception of fax messages).

4. Use of data

We will not process the data provided to us for another purpose than the one(s) that is necessary for the registration and carrying out of our courses and concerts. Hereof excluded is the use for statistical purposes in anonymised form.

5. Transfer of data to third parties

In order to fulfil our mandate, it may be required to transfer your data to third parties (e.g. lecturers, employees). Such data transfer is exclusively performed on the basis of the GDPR.

6. Storage of data

We will not store data any longer than required for the performance of our contractual or legal duties.

7. Our contact details

We are available for you at the below mentioned contact details:
Freunde der Claviermusik
Penknergasse 21
3150 Wilhelmsburg