Special class for music- or  instrumental pedagogues

Certain aspects of teaching will be discussed in workshops, where participating pedagogues may actively practice an optimization of teaching:
“Co-teaching” with Robert Lehrbaumer (or occasionally with other professors) trains participants in various teaching-situations and in terms of teaching-technique, -psychology and -philosophy due to individual needs.
During special “question times” observations are discussed, analyzed and answered by the experts – either in groups or in private conversations.


• “Strategies about efficient practice”
• “Concentration-training”
• “Stage fright”
• “Piano technique”
• “Psychology of the lecture”: How does the student senses himself? What kind of relationship do I care with my instrument? How do I “come in contact” with the composer? How do I feel about being the master of my instrument/voice?
• “Stylistics”: the change of the keystroke or the vocal voice since baroque until today.
• “Articulation and phrasing”
• “Change of the sound over the centuries”

Basic idea:

“Children, adolescents, students and adults all require lessons, which are accurately adapted to them.
A monotonous teaching shall be avoided - a balanced one will provide energy, sensitivity, empathy and special musical tools.
I am already looking forward to exchange views with pedagogic colleagues; a chapter that is always interesting, inspiring and – in my experience – steadily joyful and profitable for both participating sides.” 
(Robert Lehrbaumer)